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Patient experience is what drives us

Patient experience is at the heart of everything we do. To better serve and care for our patients we are committed to continuously furthering our understanding and carrying out research into this disease. With better understanding, we hope to be able to effectively treat as many sufferers as we can. We are more than just a treatment, we mean to offer all sufferers access to advice and information at every stage of their suffering by offering preventative, symptom management and aftercare treatment advice, as well by improving the service we provide, enabling more patients to return to their lives without the embarrassment and discomfort this disease brings.

Patient case studies

We can now link the relief from symptoms our patients tell us about with the physical changes observed and recorded during and after treatment. See how some of our patients have benefitted and their clinical observations.

Mrs Kennedy came to eXroid after suffering with haemorrhoids for 25 years. During her consultation & examination …
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Mr W first came to eXroid in March 2020 reporting he’d been suffering with haemorrhoids for 10 - 20 years
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Mrs M came for treatment following the birth of her children when she began suffering with piles
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Patient stories

We know how important it is for you to hear about other’s experiences. Here our patients share their story with lots of detail on their symptoms, experience of the treatment and the service and advice we gave them.

You can also see our most recent reviews on Trustpilot by clicking here

"The treatment worked brilliantly. I went shopping on the same day"
After doing a bit of research, I reluctantly opted for the most invasive operation [for piles] because it had the highest success rate but the recovery time after the operation could be far longer than...
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"Within days I was playing a round of golf"
As an 80 year old, I have recently had the eXroid rectal procedure, lasting 30 minutes, for a prolapsed haemorrhoid (piles) which was carefully administered by a surgeon at the Taunton clinic.I can truthfully report that withi...
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"I managed to drive 200 miles back home with no pain"
I recently travelled 200 miles to have my treatment at the Wellington Medical Centre near Taunton. I cannot speak highly enough of this painless procedure. I have never considered having an operation because...
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"Treatment working well"
I am pleased to be able to confirm that since my second visit to you, the treatment you carried out on that day has been working well.As on the previous occasion, apart from a little discomfort during the...
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"I was at home by 7pm drinking wine"
This to compliment you on the exemplary treatment I received whilst having the eXroid Treatment from consultant colorectal surgeon, Chris Macklin, at the Spire clinic in Dewsbury West Yorkshire. From the...
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"A new lease of life"
My story has two parts to it which will help you understand my recommendation.

I was firstly diagnosed with haemorrhoids when I...
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"The treatment itself was painless"
I underwent treatment with eXroid in the Elland clinic in June 2016. The staff at the clinic were excellent and nothing was too much trouble, and the clinic itself was pristine and welcoming.The surgeon was amazing, consideri...
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"The pain I had lived with instantly reduced by 90%"
I was diagnosed with piles about 6 years ago, the impact on my life was quite drastic, as my job as a trainer is very physical. I was finding that every time I delivered training, by the end of the day...
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"Haemorrhoids Anxiety to Confidence"
For most of my adult life I have suffered from the debilitating effects of bad/chronic/terrible haemorrhoids which have had a serious impact on the way I live my life.  For example, the thought of wearing...
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"The treatment for me was totally painless"
I suffered from piles for at least 5 years. They got progressively worse. I did have short periods of time when they were not “down” but they became more and more of a problem.I could push them back but they wo...
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"I’ve suffered since the birth of my second child"
I had just one persistent haemorrhoid for 8 years since the birth of my second child. It wasn’t too annoying so I simply put up with it, realising that it wasn’t severe enough for the NHS to offer treatment....
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"Highlands to London in a day"
I am writing to thank you and your team at eXroid for the excellent treatment provided on the 19th June 2019.

I have suffered from...
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"I’m saving a fortune on loo paper!"
My name is Doug, I am 71 years young (though I don’t look it), and I have suffered with piles most of my adult life. In the mid eighties I worked for a company that included private medical treatment in...
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"I’ve already spread the word"
For the last 15+ years, I have suffered with haemorrhoids with them becoming increasingly worse to stage 3. For those not in the know this is when they prolapse and have to be manually retracted, not pleasant,...
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"I walked out a different person"
I have suffered from piles for over 20 years but decided against surgery because I’d heard of the long and painful recovery time. Being self-employed, this wasn’t an option. Over the past two years the sympto...
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"I stopped by a restaurant on my way home"
I first started to suffer from haemorrhoids in the mid 1980s.

Nothing too serious but the symptoms gradually got worse as time went...
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"An almost painless procedure"
After many years of suffering from haemorrhoids and several banding treatments, also a very painful procedure where staples were used to block off blood flow, I decided to seek new ideas on treatment,...
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"I just wanted the monster gone"
About three years ago I went to bed feeling fine, however on waking up it felt like I had messed myself and whilst I am old I am not that old!I tried to get out of bed carefully but noticed the offending lump was...
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Doctor testimonials

Dr Mark Hudson Peacock
“When I started on my eXroid journey, it was driven by my passion for making the world of haemorrhoid sufferers a significantly better one...
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Mr Javed Arain
“Since I heard and then got involved with eXroid, I developed a passion to adopt this novel technique into my future surgical practice. It is a safe...
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Mr Gianluca Bonanomi
“After witnessing the evolution of haemorrhoids treatment over the past 2 decades, I was pleased to learn that a novel non invasive technology...
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Dr Cillian Keogh
“Having witnessed the limited options available to patients who suffer with haemorrhoids, I was fascinated to hear of a novel approach to...
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Mr David McArthur
“It offers patients a treatment choice that can be carries out in clinic, without the need for anaesthetic, and is very well tolerated by the majority...
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Mr Vishal Parmar
“Suffering from Piles or Haemorrhoids can be very stressful specially from the worries about the surgical procedure and or its complications...
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Dr Fergal Macnamara
“Seeing patients who suffer with haemorrhoids enduring significant pain and discomfort over the years, without satisfactory treatment...
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Mr Paul Mackey
“I have now had the opportunity to treat over 100 patients suffering with haemorrhoids with the eXroid electrotherapy treatment...
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Mr Amit Sinha
“Simple, safe, effective and well tolerated solution for haemorrhoidal symptoms.”
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Mr Rajeev Peravali
“The best thing about eXroid is the patient can drive to the appointment, have their treatment and drive home often pain and symptom free...
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Mr Constantine Halkias
"Simple safe and effective treatment for haemorrhoids, eXroid is a game changing outpatient treatment of haemorrhoidal disease."
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