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Whether you’re experiencing and researching haemorrhoids for the first time or are now considering navigating the treatment options and clinical pathways available we have grouped together some help topics below.

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Living with haemorrhoids
Treating haemorrhoids
Understanding haemorrhoids
The most common causes of piles
And who can suffer from them? Pregnancy, weight training, cycling and some common contributing factors.
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The different types of haemorrhoids
Are they haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids or piles? Understand words used by medical professionals like, internal,...
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What are haemorrhoids
And what causes them? Read more about the basics you need to know about haemorrhoids (also known as piles).
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Piles during pregnancy
One of the things that newly pregnant mums are rarely told about, is that they can become more prone...
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Exercise and haemorrhoids
Whilst haemorrhoids may not be the most regularly discussed topic in the gym changing room, it shouldn’t...
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Cycling and piles
Our top five tips to ensure you can continue pedalling and stop ‘roid rage.
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Haemorrhoid help
When and how to seek advice and treatment. Recognising changing symptoms and navigating the GP and referral...
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What are the signs of haemorrhoids?
And how do I know if I have them? Read about the most common symptoms – not everyone has the same symptoms.
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Haemorrhoids & Itching
Intimate itching is one of the first signs of haemorrhoids. It’s annoying and embarrassing but easily...
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Symptoms of internal piles and external piles can include a damp feeling in your underwear caused by...
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A funny smell is a rare, but not unusual symptom of piles. And like most of the other signs can be treated...
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Haemorrhoid Pain
From uncomfortable soreness to not being able to sit down properly, pain is another one of the signs...
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Lumps & swelling
With pain, itching and bleeding, often come lumps and swelling in the area. This can be a sign of internal...
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Often described as “feeling like you need a poo” – added pressure around the bottom is another potential...
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Haemorrhoid myths
Dr Hudson-Peacock breaks down the five most common haemorrhoid myths.
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Symptom management
How to manage during and between flare-ups.
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Haemorrhoid treatment on the NHS
Cuts to NHS Haemorrhoid operations. What are your options?
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Haemorrhoid treatments
Getting confused with creams, suppositories and ointments? Understand the treatment options available...
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Haemorrhoid symptom relieving treatments
These can be at-home or complimentary methods like a sitz bath or an over-the-counter cream. Read more...
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Non-surgical haemorrhoid treatments
There are a range on treatments that don’t require anaesthetic and are all unique in their mode of action...
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Surgical haemorrhoid treatments
For the most severe cases GPs are able to refer patients to a specialist NHS service, where they will...
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Anal bleeding
Bleeding from your bottom is one of the most common haemorrhoid symptoms. If this sounds familiar, you...
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Thrombosed haemorrhoids
A thrombosed haemorrhoid is the medical term for a haemorrhoid that has become swollen due to a small...
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Prolapsed haemorrhoids
Internal haemorrhoids can “prolapse.” If they prolapse, they become swollen and protrude outside your...
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Internal haemorrhoids
Internal haemorrhoids are actually swollen veins and their support tissues, situated in the lower part...
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Sentinel piles
Accurately diagnosing haemorrhoids is difficult, even for medical practitioners. This is especially true...
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External haemorrhoids
External haemorrhoids are different from internal haemorrhoids in two important ways: the first and most...
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Haemorrhoid creams
What are they? Which haemorrhoid creams are the best? Do they work and are they an effective treatment...
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Sclerotherapy treatment
What is sclerotherapy? In simple terms, sclerotherapy is the injection of a chemical solution into the...
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