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Mr Paul Mackey

Colorectal Surgeon

I qualified from Southampton Medical School in 1992 and undertook a variety of junior surgical training post in Wales, the South West and Queensland, Australia. I then went on to obtain an MD thesis looking at anal sphincter damage and faecal incontinence following childbirth. My higher surgical training was undertaken in Wales and, on completion, I completed a Colorectal Fellowship in St George Hospital, Sydney, Australia. I completed my surgical training in 2006.

I offer laparoscopic colorectal surgery for both benign and malignant conditions affecting the colon, rectum and anus. I also thoroughly enjoy training advanced surgical techniques to trainees. As well as colorectal cancer, my main interest is in the treatment of benign anorectal conditions, including offering a variety of treatments for haemorrhoids. I believe it is important to tailor the treatment to the individual patient and the type of haemorrhoids present. I first treated haemorrhoids using Exroid in 2013 and have been very impressed with the patient reported outcomes following treatment. I aim to publish more research into the long-term outcomes following Exroid treatment to further support its use as a first-line treatment.

“I have now had the opportunity to treat over 100 patients suffering with haemorrhoids with the eXroid electrotherapy treatment. Admittedly I was somewhat skeptical as to what could realistically be achieved by such a relatively straightforward and practically painless treatment, but the feedback from patients has been absolutely amazing. We are not far from eXroid becoming universally the first-line treatment for haemorrhoids, and banishing such ineffective treatments such as banding to history”

Mr Paul Mackey