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Dr Fergal Macnamara

General Practitioner with a Specialist Interest

Having graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in 2011, he then completed his internship in Beaumont Hospital, before spending 3 years working as an RCSI undergraduate lecturer in surgery, and as a surgical trainee in vascular, urology and general surgery jobs in Beaumont Hospital and University Hospital Limerick.

He then went on to complete 4 years as a trainee general practitioner in the Trinity College postgraduate training scheme, working in St Vincent’s, St James, Tallaght and Temple street Hospitals. He now works in Pearse street medical in Dublin 2.

With his background in surgical training, Fergal is committed to providing a broadening range of surgical procedures to patients in the community. He has had an interest in haemorrhoid treatment since working in general surgery, and while looking to offer more treatment options for his patients, discovered Exroid. As well as this he is a strong advocate of exercise prescription, having completed an MSc in Nutrition & Exercise Science in the University of Chester and published peer reviewed papers in this area.

“Seeing patients who suffer with haemorrhoids enduring significant pain and discomfort over the years, without satisfactory treatment options, was frustrating. Non-surgical treatments often offer only limited relief to these patients, while even surgical options can be insufficient at times. When we were introduced to Exroid’s electrotherapy method, performed without anaesthetic, bowel preparation or surgery, while providing excellent outcomes, it understandably seemed too good to be true! Having now seen first hand the ease by which treatment is delivered, patients tolerance of it, and the high rate of subsequent patient satisfaction, we are delighted to be able to bring this ground-breaking treatment to Dublin, and offer it to haemorrhoid sufferers here.”

Dr Fergal Macnamara