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All first appointments are charged at £995, except for Harley Street clinics, where first appointments are charged at £1,250. Should treatment NOT be required you will be charged £250 for consultation only.
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"Life changing" Haemorrhoid Treatment

Say goodbye to piles with eXroid haemorrhoid electrotherapy.

At eXroid, we take a personal approach to piles treatments.

Over 90% of our patients report a return to their normal activities on the same day. Can any other treatment offer that ?

Our electrotherapy treatments often leave patients with minimal or no discomfort, are
completely ambulatory (i.e. walk-in, walk-out), and take less than an hour. Treatment can be done as soon as
tomorrow and we’re always friendly, discreet and professional.

New treatments for piles are constantly advancing within the healthcare industry and eXroid is
proud to be at the forefront of helping people get the haemorrhoid treatment they need.

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eXroid haemorrhoid
treatment centres.

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What are people saying about their eXroid treatment?

Over 90% of our patients report a return to their normal activities on the same day. Can any other treatment offer that ?

We’ve helped many people from a variety of different situations get the right treatment for their piles. There used to be a sense of embarrassment with a haemorrhoids diagnosis, but we’re here to give you back your dignity and feel empowered to seek the treatment you need. Find out what our patients say about eXroid.

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Piles treatment and recovery times.

Over 90% of our patients report immediate relief and a return to their normal activities on the same day. Using advances in piles treatment and the latest technology, eXroid have brought electrotherapy, a NICE approved (guidance IPG525) treatment, to help patients and sufferers in the UK as a safe and effective alternative to surgery. Please contact us for more information and ask us about a next-day appointment.

Can we help answer your questions ?

Where are the nearest eXroid haemorrhoid clinics to me?

Are you looking for convenient locations to have treatment from one of our CQC registered haemorrhoid clinics? eXroid provides effective treatment for piles, delivered by our Consultant Surgeons, in a number of local haemorrhoid clinics up and down the country. You can also be treated in the comfort of your own home through our home treatment service.

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A gentle and effective piles treatment that can be delivered at home or in clinic.

eXroid provides fast, gentle and effective treatment for piles with many patients being symptom free after just one treatment. Electrotherapy is non-invasive and doesn’t require sharp instruments or anaesthetic. Both our patients and our Doctors have been amazed by the results that this quick and effective treatment has. Please see our testimonials to see how liberating and sometimes life changing this treatment has been for people. Find out more information on our website or click to book your appointment.

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eXroid provides non-invasive haemorrhoid treatment from selected local haemorrhoid clinics across the UK and in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to suffer in silence and dealing with piles doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Get in touch with an expert today.

For more details about haemorrhoid treatment costs, get in touch today and you could be treated at one of our local haemorrhoid clinics as quickly as tomorrow.

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