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"Life changing piles treatment"
NEW: Treatment now available at home
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Say goodbye to piles, quickly and easily.

Whether you’re experiencing and researching haemorrhoids for the first time or are now considering navigating the treatment options, we are here to support you through your haemorrhoid care journey.

The eXroid® treatment is suitable for all 4 grades of haemorrhoids, so even if your GP can’t refer you for NHS treatment, you can be treated by eXroid without the need to wait until things get worse.

96% of patients reported returning to their normal activities the same or next day.

Working with major UK insurers and finance companies

Don’t see your insurer here or location not covered? Call us on 0800 999 3777 to find out how we can help you be treated with our procedure with one of our trusted partners working across the UK.

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce the launch of our new eXroid at home service. We know that not all patients are able to or want to make the journey to one of our clinics and we wanted to be able to make it possible for everyone to benefit from our non-invasive treatment and have been working hard to make this new service possible. Our experienced nurse-led team will come to your home and be able to deliver the same fantastic care and treatment we offer in our clinics. Currently available in the London Area.

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Winner: King's Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2023

His Majesty The King has approved the Prime Minister’s recommendation that eXroid Technology receive a King’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category this year.

eXroid Technology Ltd is one of the first companies to be awarded a King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. This accolade represents a milestone for the company as we reach for new heights and strive for better: for our patients, for our partners and for future sufferers.

This prestigious accolade has been awarded to eXroid for their work in developing a highly safe and effective, fully ambulatory treatment for haemorrhoid sufferers, meaning that they are no longer faced with a choice of treatment options that are known to be extremely painful and carry risks of complications, to become symptom free. The eXroid® procedure has advanced the science and understanding of the disease which affects around 9% of the UK population each year to improve the patient pathway for all sufferers.

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Rated Outstanding by the CQC

We have recently been inspected by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England who make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been rated as Outstanding – the highest accolade possible, which is also extremely hard to achieve, with only around 3% of services audited achieving this. This is a huge achievement, made possible by our passionate team at head office as well as our extended team that deliver the treatment in our clinics. We understand the needs of the patients and care deeply about making the patient journey simpler and easier to access as well as providing the much needed access to specialist support and advice for this debilitating disease.

How does it work?

The eXroid procedure uses electrotherapy, which has been clinically researched for over 150 years. It is non-surgical and is carried out in a clinic by a GMC registered consultant. There is no cutting, stitching or heat applied.

The low electrical current stimulates a chemical reaction, which seals off the feeding blood vessels, resulting in the haemorrhoid being starved of its blood supply and it shrinks accordingly, with associated symptom reduction.

The effect continues to work to close the vessels for up to 4 weeks. Our aftercare team will be in touch at this point to hear your progress, review your doctor notes and talk to you about the need for any further treatment.

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Understanding your symptoms

Experiencing the symptoms of piles can be scary at times and it can be hard to know when it might be time to seek help and do something more about it.

We have introduced a quick on-line questionnaire for you to understand the severity of your symptoms and what to do next.

It takes less than a minute to complete and you will receive your personal score, an assessment tool to take to your GP and tailored advice by email.

Have you seen us on TV?

Our mission is to make our low-risk and highly effective treatment accessible for all sufferers and break the taboo to end the embarrassment of discussing haemorrhoids so we can stop the needless and prolonged suffering of millions.

Would you like to discuss your condition with a trained advisor?

Call us now on 0800 999 3777 or let us know your contact details below, and we’ll be in touch.

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Haemorrhoid advice

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Want to understand your piles symptoms better?

Answer some simple questions about the symptoms you are experiencing to get your haemorrhoid severity score and receive advice on what it means and what to do next.