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Anal skin tag removal treatment

eXroid are the experts in perianal conditions. After many years of treating thousands of patients with our revolutionary electrotherapy haemorrhoid treatment, we saw many sufferers who also suffer with anal skin tags.

We have now launched a new treatment for the removal of these skin tags, which cannot be done by a dermatologist due to the area of the anatomy.

What are anal skin tags

Anal skin tags (also known as “sentinel piles”) are common, usually harmless, growths that hang off the skin around the outside of the anus, at the front edge at the junction of the anus and the perineum. It is not contagious, but may be due to a lesion, inflammation, anal injury or skin left behind after a haemorrhoid treatment.

More generally, anal skin tags are not a risk to health, but they can cause issues with cleanliness after going to the toilet. This is mainly due to the fact that they can trap moisture and become irritated. Anal skin tags can be found around the anal periphery, and may be single or multiple. The anterior one is called the sentinel tag.

How does the treatment work?

Before being treated, you will need to have a consultation and examination appointment to discuss treatment suitability and agree a treatment plan. The team can then book you in for a treatment appointment.

The treatment involves the use of a local anaesthetic and the excision (cutting away) of any anal skin tags present. Recovery and downtime will be advised by your treating doctor, so that you are able to heal following the procedure and our aftercare team will be available for advice and support.

Call us to get booked in for your consultation

Want to find out more?

If you would like one of our Patient Services team to give you call to discuss this treatment, please complete a form and let us know when we should get in touch.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 999 3777

You can also book into our diary directly to secure a call back time that suits you.

Anal skin tag FAQs

No, other than sharing part of their alternative name, “sentinal piles”(anal skin tags) are not the same as haemorrhoids.

Unlike the electrotherapy treatment for haemorrhoids, the removal of anal skin tags can be painful during recovery. During the procedure a local anaesthetic is used, meaning you should not experience pain on the day of your treatment. Advice on how to manage your symptoms post recovery will be advised.

Your consultation appointment needed to assess suitability costs £250. The cost of treatment is £1175 inclusive of one skin tag. If more than one are present, each subsequent skin tag will be an additional £150.