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Mr Vishal Parmar

General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Mr. Vishal Parmar is an experienced General and Laparoscopic Surgeon. He is a Specialty Doctor in General and Colorectal Surgery in NHS Wales. His major interests are Laparoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgery for procedures like Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomies, Hernia Operations, Bowel Cancer operations and operations for Haemorrhoids, Fissure and Fistula etc. Owing to his special interests in Coloproctology he performs different modalities of treatment for Haemorrhoids like; banding, injection, open haemorrhodectomy, Transanal Haemorrhoid Dearterialisation, eXroid etc.

As eXroid is a revolutionary clinic-based procedure without any hassles for admission or anesthesia, he offers special time for this so that more patients can reap the utmost benefits of this procedure.

Mr. Parmar has completed his medical school and training in General Surgery from India. After this he completed his Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery from the Prestigious King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. He then worked as an Assistant Professor in General Surgery in Tertiary Teaching University Hospital back home. Owing to this he has a strong academic teaching experience and has an extensive exposure of operating complex cases. He has been working in NHS UK on a Middle grade position in General Surgery from 2019. He also has been awarded the Diploma of Membership of the International Postgraduate Deanery from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh(MIPDEd) and is a formal member of the said College.

“Suffering from Piles or Haemorrhoids can be very stressful specially from the worries about the surgical procedure and or its complications. However, eXroid being a simple clinic-based procedure I’d like this to be a succour for all who are in need.”

Mr Vishal Parmar