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Coping with haemorrhoid anal discharge.

For a haemorrhoid sufferer, one of the more embarrassing symptoms that you may have to deal with is the occasional feeling of dampness and discharge from your back passage.

Apart from the obvious uncomfortable feeling, by far the worst part is a sense that other people might be aware of your predicament either by seeing it on your outer clothing, or perhaps you might feel that the hemorrhoid discharge could emit an unpleasant smell.

To quickly put your mind at rest, it would be very unlikely that any leakage that you may get from haemorrhoids will be so prevalent that it would show as a damp patch on your outer clothing. Whilst it may be true that hemorrhoids can be smelly, the simple fact is that it’s generally not so bad that anyone else would notice. If you do experience any odour, then a simple regime of regular bathing should help or the use of witch hazel has been known to do the trick.

What causes mucus discharge from your anus?

If your internal haemorrhoid becomes inflamed, it can leak mucus. This is what causes the feeling of dampness and can cause staining to your underwear. The haemorrhoid discharge itself can cause inflammation around the skin of the anus, resulting in a burning sensation that becomes itchy. For the medically minded amongst us this becomes itchy (also known as pruritis ani).

What can I do about haemorrhoid discharge?

To help manage this particular symptom, it’s really a matter of trying to maintain a higher level of personal hygiene than you would normally do. The basic advice would be to keep the area as clean and dry as you can practically manage. This would mean taking more baths or showers and keeping the area as dry as possible until the symptom naturally subsides or until you take steps to treat the haemorrhoid.

Is there a permanent fix for haemorrhoids?

Many sufferers reach the point of thinking I need to get this sorted once and for all. The good news is that there are ways of eradicating them, ranging from the surgical to the non-surgical. You can find out more by reading our haemorrhoid treatments page.

Nothing will cure you of ever having another haemorrhoid again but at least you can treat the ones you have right now.

eXroid electrotherapy is one such non-surgical treatment. It’s safe, effective and one of the least invasive treatments available. Please click here for more details.

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eXroid®: fully regulated and accredited

As a medical device manufacturer, all of our equipment is made and developed in the UK and we are proud to be CE and ISO 13485 accredited by the British Standards Institution BSi.

Our service has been evaluated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who have produced two sets of approval guidelines which accredit the treatment as safe and effective (IPG525 and MIB201). eXroid is a registered and regulated service Provider with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as we strive for the highest levels of care and service standards.

The eXroid service is also PCI DSS compliant, giving both financial assurance and security to our patients when they make their payments with us.

Why choose the eXroid® haemorrhoid treatment


The eXroid® treatment takes 30 minutes or less. Effects can be felt from immediately and no waiting for a referral


The procedure is supported and carried out by the UK's leading specialist consultant surgeons in CQC registered clinics


The eXroid® procedure is low risk, as it requires no anaesthetic, cutting or stitching


Get back to your life straightaway, with no time off work needed after the eXroid® procedure


eXroid® electrotherapy is subject to NICE guidance (IPG525 & MIB201), is rated as Outstanding by the CQC and carries the CE mark