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eXroid wins KEiBA award

WINNER – Technology Business of the year award.

This year has been eventful for everyone, and we too have had to adapt and move with the ever-changing world we now live in.

The resilience and determination of our experienced team has allowed us to not only make it through the pandemic but to excel and innovate our way into a new way of working that has meant we have been able to continue to service the millions of sufferers in the UK – which is of course our reason for being.

The last 3 years has seen our company go from strength to strength, with huge milestones achieved in this time, including becoming ISO 13485 accredited and gaining our CE mark for the eXroid device. It was an absolute pleasure pulling together the award submission for this year’s Kent Excellence in Business Awards (KEiBA), as it allowed us to reflect on what has been achieved as a result of the passion we have to succeed.

It has been a nervous wait since submitting the award application and we were so pleased to be informed yesterday of this prestigious win and get the recognition. We have had our submission (along with all the other category winners) published in a special KM group supplement which we will be framing!

Not only that – we will also be presented with our winner’s trophy and have our photo taken with the KEiBA judges – so watch out for an update coming soon.

What the judges had to say

Carole Barron – Director of Knowledge exchange and Innovation, University of Kent

Pete Kenyon – Partner – Cripps Pemberton Greenish

“Having judged this category together for several years we love nothing better than to uncover gems shining brightly in Kent’s technology sector. This year, our winner truly is a gem. eXroid Technology has launched ground-breaking technology to counter mankind’s battle against piles.

Not only the product capture our imagination, the business it has wrapped around it shows real foresight with international expansion plans, IP protection and promotional materials all cueing up what feels like an incredibly exciting journey.

A true gem for our county and one we should feel very proud of. We hope that you don’t need their services – but if you do, we’re pleased to have been the ones to have told you about them!”

 Read the submission here.

Treating haemorrhoid flare-ups away from home
eXroid launches a new TV advert

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eXroid®: fully regulated and accredited

As a medical device manufacturer, all of our equipment is made and developed in the UK and we are proud to be CE and ISO 13485 accredited by the British Standards Institution BSi.Our service has been evaluated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who have produced two sets of approval guidelines which accredit the treatment as safe and effective (IPG525 and MIB201). eXroid is a registered and regulated service Provider with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as we strive for the highest levels of care and service standards.The eXroid service is also PCI DSS compliant, giving both financial assurance and security to our patients when they make their payments with us.

Why choose the eXroid® haemorrhoid treatment


The eXroid® treatment takes 30 minutes or less. Effects can be felt from immediately and no waiting for a referral


The procedure is supported and carried out by the UK's leading specialist consultant surgeons in CQC registered clinics


The eXroid® procedure is low risk, as it requires no anaesthetic, cutting or stitching


Get back to your life straightaway, with no time off work needed after the eXroid® procedure


eXroid® electrotherapy is subject to NICE guidance (IPG525 & MIB201), is rated as Outstanding by the CQC and carries the CE mark

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