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Dr Sridhar Parmeswaren

General Surgeon

Dr Sridhar (Sri for short) is a vascular and general surgeon with more than 30 years of clinical experience. Sri has twenty-five years of NHS experience and twelve years of private practice.

As a fully registered and accredited surgeon, he brings his expertise in the management of venous disease and common surgical conditions. He is one of the few vascular surgeons with experience in all treatment modalities for venous diseases, including endothermal techniques of venous ablation such as Laser and Radiofrequency, mechanochemical ablation of varicose veins, foam sclerotherapy, injection sclerotherapy, micro phlebectomy and the most recently introduced glue technique. This gives options to the patients to choose the modality best suited for their condition.

Sri is also an accomplished general surgeon with an interest in colorectal conditions, such as haemorrhoids and has become trained in the eXroid technique specifically due to its versatility and low risk for patients.

In addition to his surgical accomplishments, Sri is skilled in the use of Ultrasound imaging and has been using Ultrasound to aid in diagnosis and surgical planning since 1992.

He is a member of the College of Phlebology, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Royal College of surgeons trainer for trainers and regularly trains both senior and junior doctors in managing surgical patients. He presents his work in International meetings, continuing to innovate in the field of Vascular surgery. One of his suggested new techniques for treating varicose veins has had traction internationally and he was recognised for that in a meeting of international vascular surgeons in New York.