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“I can now use the gym without fear of embarrassment”

Andrew J


Despite how much I suffered from haemorrhoids, I never bothered with going to the doctors since I was afraid to do anything about them. I just lived with them and used over the counter treatments. To be frank, I had heard horror stories about treatments for piles, and witnessed the agony a few people I know were in after treatments for piles. This made me refuse to have any form of medical procedure.

In my late thirties/ early forties, after going to university and qualifying as a quantity surveyor, and my children growing up, work and family life settled down, and I started using the gym again frequently. The haemorrhoids again started impacting on my hobby and personal life, so I decided that it was finally time that I bite the bullet and had something done about them. I was hoping that medicine had progressed so that something not quite as painful would be available on the NHS or privately.

I searched the internet for possible treatments but was still coming up with the same treatments that have always been available and made me shy away from medical treatment.
Eventually I came across eXroid and obviously with the promise of a mainly painless treatment, I did some further investigation online and how the procedure is carried out and decided to ring eXroid.

I phoned eXroid UK and discussed it with their representative, Mr Bason, and was further put at ease and cheered up as he told me he had the treatment himself and had suffered the same problems I had during my life with Haemorrhoids. I booked for a consultation at their Canterbury Clinic.

At my consultation I was told by the examiner that I had two Grade 3 internal haemorrhoids and one Grade 2 partially external haemorrhoid. I booked myself in for the treatment straight away.
I returned to the clinic in Canterbury the following week for my treatment and, although still a little nervous at the procedure, I was put at ease the moment it started. The treatment was painless, a little uncomfortable at most, and personally I would say it was more the discomfort of my haemorrhoids and not the process itself.

I had one, ten minute session on the two grade 3s and 5 minutes on the grade 2, with a short break between, which I was very happy about as I didn’t really want any return visits. When the treatment was completed, as I went to sit up, I was expecting to feel some form of pain or discomfort but just felt fine.

Over the next week or so the usual pain of the haemorrhoids vanished completely and I had no issues with blood or discomfort when using the toilet.

It has been about 18 months since I had the treatment with eXroid UK and when asked if I would give a testimonial on my treatment, I was more than happy to do so and be able to say how very pleased with the treatment. I am amazed after all the years of suffering and all the horror stories regarding other types of treatment, that I could walk into a clinic and after 30 minutes walk out again without any pain or discomfort, and now 18 months on I can use the gym without fear of embarrassment or the pain of haemorrhoids.

In the construction industry haemorrhoids are a common problem and I have come across lots of suffers like myself, as well as in the gym, and I now recommend the eXroid treatment to anyone I come across. The possibility of its becoming available on the NHS is not a minute too soon. As I said, I am most happy to tell my story as the treatment has made a great difference to my life and I couldn’t speak any more highly about it.


Haemorrhoid electrotherapy treatment has been positively reviewed by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

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