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All first appointments are charged at £995, except for Harley Street clinics, where first appointments are charged at £1,250. Should treatment NOT be required you will be charged £250 for consultation only.
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The pain I had lived with instantly reduced by 90%

John D - South Wales

male personal trainer helping sportswoman to do exercises with b

I was diagnosed with piles about 6 years ago, the impact on my life was quite drastic, as my job as a trainer is very physical. I was finding that every time I delivered training, by the end of the day I was completely drained and in pain. I saw my GP who advised me that the best treatment was surgery, but the downside was because of the physical nature of my work it would most probably take about a month before I could realistically return to my training, and as it entailed surgery, there was also a risk associated with it. I was finding it harder and harder as the years went by to motivate myself, and although I was using the creams, the relief was only temporary. I then heard about Exroid electrotherapy treatment, but must admit that I was very sceptical of the claims made, but I had got to the stage of thinking, I will try anything to avoid surgery, so I booked an appointment. The consultation and treatment only took about forty minutes, it was slightly uncomfortable, but the Doctor Paul Mackey & Lisa were excellent at putting me at ease. By the end of it I walked out of the surgery and could not believe the difference. The pain that I had been experiencing had diminished by about 90% and so I went shopping, got home and went out for a walk with my wife and our dogs, something I had found very difficult to do in the past, and my wife commented that the pained expression I had had over the past years had gone.

I have another appointment in about six weeks, which I can’t come soon enough as I am convinced after my initial experience, I will be 100% pain free.

Would I recommend this treatment? Yes 100% as it is a no brainer. You may be sceptical as I was, but I can virtually guarantee that you will walk out after treatment as totally amazed as I was. Thank you Exroid.



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