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“I was at home by 7pm drinking wine”

Richard Atwood


This to compliment you on the exemplary treatment I received whilst having the eXroid Treatment from consultant colorectal surgeon, Chris Macklin, at the Spire clinic in Dewsbury West Yorkshire.

From the second I walked into the consulting room, Mr Macklin was absolutely brilliant in understanding my discomfort and the debilitating effect haemorrhoids was having on my life. He understood how the haemorrhoids had made my life a misery and prevented me from living life to the full.  Was being able to play Tennis and Golf too much to expect for an otherwise fit and healthy 54 year old?.. this was the question I asked him and he was in total agreement with me that enough was enough.  What a breath of fresh air to have a consultant fully on your side and as a patient not feeling you just have to put up with things.

Having suffered from this condition for the last 30 years and had numerous conventional treatments through the NHS, which has included 3 banding procedures, I feel I had become a burden to the NHS and had got sick of interminable delays, and in truth, someone to fully comprehend the impact haemorrhoids were having on my life.

Hence when I saw this new treatment from the States was available here in the UK, and the wonderful reviews it had received, it really became a no-brainer to finally resolve things.

The treatment was virtually painless, I needed no sedative or painkillers and laying on my side a small probe was used to introduce a small current to the actual haemorrhoid in order to shrink it. This was not uncomfortable in any way and I was able to speak and laugh whilst this was going on. In my case, I had 3 piles needing treatment and the procedure was over within 30 minutes. I was then able to stand up and walk away with no adverse effects whatsoever.. no bleeding no pain and for the first time in years no discomfort.  Had a miracle occurred?

I needed no painkillers of any description and promptly drove myself home—a journey of 75 miles completely pain-free.

Procedure at 4pm. drinking wine on the patio at home by 7pm celebrating for the first time in years no discomfort.  Truly miraculous.

In my opinion, this is truly innovative a cutting-edge technique.  I have no doubt that, in years to come, this will be the first line treatment because it is so stress-free, quick and easy and pain free and incredibly effective.

Thank you eXroid for giving me my life back.

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