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I’m saving a fortune on loo paper!

Doug S - Essex

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My name is Doug, I am 71 years young (though I don’t look it), and I have suffered with piles most of my adult life.  In the mid eighties I worked for a company that included private medical treatment in my package.  I had a haemorrhoid operation in a BUPA hospital, which was both painful and unpleasant.  I was given a gel to drink which liquified any bowel movements, the first time I passed a motion was agony, like passing a ferret with all its claws extended. The operation was not a success.

Over the years I have endured living with piles, sometimes using Preparation H, with not much relief. Most times there’d be bleeding from blood vessels within the rectum, and the discomfort of prolapsed piles.  After a day on the golf course, sometimes playing 27 holes, my bottom would be red-raw.

Then I discovered eXroid, I was prepared to try anything. The lady I spoke to was most informative, she explained what the procedure involved and gave me an appointment for a few days later.  The consultant in Harley Street explained all the possible options to me, I opted for the eXroid treatment.  There was just mild discomfort during the procedure and I was able to walk to the tube station without pain. Now, less than seven weeks after the treatment, my bottom has tightened up, no sign of a prolapsed pile, no rectal bleeding,

I’m saving a fortune on loo paper! The result is way beyond my wildest expectations. I would recommend eXroid to anyone without hesitation.

Thank you, sincerely, for changing my quality of life.

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