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All first appointments are charged at £995, except for Harley Street clinics, where first appointments are charged at £1,250. Should treatment NOT be required you will be charged £250 for consultation only.
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Highlands to London in a day

Eric W - Highlands

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I am writing to thank you and your team at eXroid for the excellent treatment provided on the 19th June 2019.

I have suffered from haemorrhoids for over three years and I was on the waiting list for an operation at my local hospital.  The symptoms were very embarrassing, fluid discharge, bleeding, and discomfort to name a few.  The specialist explained the hospital procedure and he stated I would probably curse him for a couple of weeks after the operation with pain and discomfort that I would suffer.

This really worried me and then I read about eXroid and the treatment in the Daily Mail.

Luckily, I made further investigation into the treatment and found that it was virtually painless and normally with very few after-effects.

In discussion with eXroid I explained that I lived in the Highlands and that there weren’t any local clinics, nearest was Birmingham and Manchester.  After studying the Inverness Airport flight times, you kindly offered an appointment at Harley Street, London that allowed a return trip within one day.

The treatment, although uncomfortable, was painless and carried out well within the hour.  After this, I was able to travel across London and catch my return flight from Gatwick with no ill effects at all.

The treatment has been highly successful without any further prolapsing or discharge and I am back to normal, or as normal as I can be!  I was told I might need further treatment at the clinic but if life continues as it has over the past month that will not be the case.

I definitely think the NHS should adopt this treatment as it would prevent many patients from further suffering.

Speak to one of our experienced advisors. All enquiries are handled with complete discretion.