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“A new lease of life”

Robert B - Yorkshire

Senior Couple Afternoon Tean Drinking Relax Concept

My story has two parts to it which will help you understand my recommendation.
I was firstly diagnosed with haemorrhoids when I was a young man of 34 years old, I went through the embarrassment of bleeding through my clothing and the constant pain and itchiness.

My local physician carried out what they call the “banding system” where upon they fit a very tight rubber band around the offending haemorrhoid and leave it there until being starved of blood it drops off. This was carried out without anaesthetic and took 3 days before it came away, which was 3 days of severe pain. The haemorrhoids returned around 5 years later I then had the full operation where they were cut out and this was very painful with a long recovery.

To the second and relevant part of the story my wife had been suffering from haemorrhoids for some time and was in a lot of discomfort when I read an article on eXroid, formerly Ultroid, which described their non invasive treatment for haemorrhoids. We immediately booked an appointment at the eXroid Clinic in Elland, Yorkshire.

The consultant was Chris Macklin who immediately put my wife at ease with his knowledgeable friendly manner, it was diagnosed as being type 4 haemorrhoids (which is the worst kind). The consultation and treatment took around 90 minutes. The treatment at worst was a little uncomfortable but no more than that, after a couple of hours there was no discomfort at all.

That was over 2 years ago and my wife has never looked back.
I cannot recommend Chris Macklin and the team at eXroid highly enough. They gave my wife a new lease of life.

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