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All first appointments are charged at £995, except for Harley Street clinics, where first appointments are charged at £1,250. Should treatment NOT be required you will be charged £250 for consultation only.
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Home Electrotherapy Treatment Service

The same eXroid treatment but delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Home Electrotherapy

Our ‘at home’ service is designed to make our electrotherapy treatment accessible and convenient for patients. eXroid are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Wren Healthcare, to offer you a home haemorrhoid treatment service. Their specialist team of colorectal nurses are able to visit you at home where you feel most comfortable to treat your haemorrhoids / piles with our electrotherapy treatment. The price for homecare treatment is £995 this includes:

  • A telephone consultation with a specialist nurse.
  • Nurse assessment & treatment in the comfort your own home (we bring everything to you) including a chaperone.
  • Lifestyle advice and ongoing support after treatment.

Should you need a follow up treatment this will be priced at £745.

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How does it work?

Step 1. Telephone consultation is arranged with a nurse specialist to assess suitability for home treatment
Step 2. Home care visit arranged
Step 3. eXroid treatment provided in the comfort of your own home
Step 4. Aftercare services provided

What happens on the day of the treatment?

  • Nurse and chaperone will arrive at your home at time of booking
  • Nurse will recap medical information and go through consent form
  • Nurse will setup all equipment
  • Treatment will commence (treatment will take around 30 minutes)
  • The nurse will give you aftercare and lifestyle advice
  • The nurse will call you 48 hours after treatment and again 4 weeks later to see how your symptoms are

To arrange a home visit with a nurse specialist please get in touch

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Home Electrotherapy Treatment Service

Treatment is carried out in the comfort of your own home

No anaesthesia

No preparation (e.g. no enema)

Non-invasive — no cutting or needles

No need to travel to clinic or hospital — We come to you.

Each treatment takes 10-30 minutes

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