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What happens next?

Look out for your results email including your downloadable eCAT® tool. The eCAT® tool will help you and your GP or health care professional discuss and document your symptoms effectively, following an examination.

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What does my score mean?

The score is out of 15 and generally any scores of 1-2 are considered as “mild”, 3-6 as “moderate” and 7+ as more “severe”. This is just a guide though and even lower scores can present as symptomatic and feel as bad as someone with a higher score. The scores act as a guide to allow you to track and understand changes in your symptoms over time and the tool has been designed to allow you to become more aware of these changes, rather than to diagnose you with any condition specifically. In all instances of pain and bleeding we advise you to be seen by a GP or specialist. Please see below some advice depending on your current score.

Advice on your score:

Now you have started the journey to better understanding your symptoms, we have pulled together some helpful advice on next steps depending on your score.

How to manage symptoms and reduce flare ups.
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Time to start considering your treatment options?
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Time to put an end to piles and their symptoms.
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