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How to spot the signs of internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are actually swollen veins and their support tissues, situated in the lower part of your rectum. Sometimes the blood vessels and associated tissues become weak and stretch so thin that they bulge and become irritated.

There are a few reasons that this weakness occurs, from bad diet to family history.

If you do suffer with hemorrhoids, the symptoms can be different depending on which type of hemorrhoid you actually have. Internal piles are far enough inside your bottom that you can’t usually see them or feel them.

What are the signs of internal hemorrhoids?

Some people may never know that they actually have internal hemorrhoids until they become irritated.

Internal hemorrhoids generally don’t hurt, because there are very few pain-sensing nerves in the area they are located. The first sign that you have internal piles is usually blood spots on the toilet paper you’ve used after you’ve been for a bowel movement (poo).

There are other signs to look out for with internal piles, such as an itchy bum. This is caused by a discharge that may occur, which can make your bottom sore and uncomfortable. The temptation to scratch your bottom can be overwhelming, but that can make matters worse. There are over the counter products available at your local pharmacy that offer relief from itching.

Internal Hemorrhoids – can I just ignore them?

If you maintain a healthy, high fibre diet and keep physically active then the internal hemorrhoid shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. The main reason they can worsen tends to be lifestyle related. It’s all a matter of how much pressure your hemorrhoid is subjected to.

If you suffer with constipation on a regular basis then the extra effort to open your bowels can have an effect on your hemorrhoid.

Spicy food has been known to irritate internal piles. If you are a lover of Indian food, then perhaps order a mild korma rather than a hot madras.

Any extra body weight that you may be carrying can have an effect on internal hemorrhoids – this may be due to the extra blood pressure in that area that can occur with putting weight on.

Is there a cure for internal hemorrhoids?

First of all, let’s define what a ‘cure’ means. If you mean, is there something that will get rid of the piles I have and guarantee that I will never get hemorrhoids ever again – then the bad news is NO, there isn’t a cure.

However, if you mean, are there any treatments that can eradicate the hemorrhoids I have now – then the good news is YES, there are.

How to treat internal hemorrhoids

The treatments range from invasive surgical treatments to non-invasive non-surgical treatments. The main options can be found here: hemorrhoid treatments.

eXroid electrotherapy treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that can eradicate your piles and, for most people, enable you to get back to your life on the same day.

If you have been suffering in silence, then a discreet call to one of our advisors will get you on the first steps to saying goodbye to your piles. Appointments are usually sorted within two weeks. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified doctors. Contact us

Speak to one of our experienced advisors. All enquiries are handled with complete discretion.