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What is hemorrhoid cream?

Simply put, hemorrhoid creams (or piles treatment cream) will soothe the hemorrhoid making it less irritable and frustrating to live with over a short period of time.

Hemorroid relief products are often described as topical treatments. Many of these products contain a relief-effective, anti-inflammatory active ingredient called hydrocortisone. This ingredient not only comes in the form of creams but is also found in ointments, suppositories and foams that are readily available from your pharmacy.

Hemorrhoid cream can be applied several times a day, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after you have been for a bowel movement. The percentage of hydrocortisone in over the counter products is quite low, but as it is a steroid you should avoid using these products for longer than recommended as they can make the sensitive skin around the anus become atrophied (thinned).

These topical hydrocortisone products are available under various brand names, including Anusol, Preparation H, Anugesic HC, Germaloids HC, Perinal, Proctosedyl, Uniroid, Xyloproct and Proctofoam HC. There is no universal medical consensus on which cream is the best hemorrhoid cream, as every patient has their own particular favourite.

Prescription hemorrhoid cream

For particularly bad flare ups of piles, there are prescription only variations of the over counter hemorrhoid creams available through your GP. For those sufferers that need a little extra relief from itchiness and soreness these can be an absolute godsend.

How to use hemorrhoid creams

Squeeze a small amount of cream or ointment onto your finger then gently apply to the outside of your back passage with your finger. Always wash your hands after application.

Spray for external piles and itchy Bottom

Wash your hands before and after use and read the instructions provided. When you first use the spray ensure that you push the pump down a couple of times to get it ready.

Separate the buttocks and spray the area once.

Foam for internal piles

Clean around your bottom with a mild soap solution and pat dry. The can of foam will come with an applicator, read the instruction leaflet before use. Fill the applicator with foam then put the tip into your back passage to enable you to apply the foam. The leaflet will best explain how this is best achieved.

Wash the applicator after every use and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Suppositories for internal piles

If you can, try to go to the toilet before you use suppositories.

Wash your hands beforehand and clean around your bottom with mild soap and water. The suppository is a small plug of medicine; to apply it’s best to lie on your side with one leg bent up toward your chest. Whilst in this position gently push the suppository, pointed end first, into your back passage about an inch deep. Sit or lie still for about 15 minutes whilst the suppository melts – this is quite normal.

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