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How to spot piles symptoms.

People are often confused about what is and what isn’t a haemorroid.

What are haemorrhoid symptoms and what to expect from some of the different types?

Yes, there are different types and symptoms of piles.

We have put together some useful advice about the main symptoms that may occur if you are suffering with piles, or if you want to help someone who is.

It’s a subject that can be hard to discuss, but you’d be surprised to know that more people suffer with piles than you might imagine. It’s estimated to be in excess of 8 million in the UK alone, so there is no need to feel embarrassed, as you are not alone.

Hopefully you’ll find our haemorrhoid symptoms advice clear and informative. Our aim is to dispel some of the taboos surrounding haemorrhoids to enable more sufferers to take positive action.


If you have ever asked yourself, “Why am I bleeding from my back passage?” then you may be one of the 8 million people who suffer from piles in the UK.

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There are many causes for the occasional itchy bum such as hot and sweaty weather. 

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Everyone’s threshold for pain is different.  What seems like a slight niggling pain for one might be an intolerable pain for another. 

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Lumps & swelling

Piles or if you prefer – haemorrhoids – are regularly described as lumps or masses of tissue that are on the inside of your bottom, in the case of internal piles, or on the outside of your bottom (external piles).

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If you are a sufferer of piles (also called haemorrhoids) you may be prone to a feeling of pressure around the bottom, almost as if you feel like you want to open your bowels (called tenesmus).

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For a haemorrhoid sufferer one of the more embarrassing symptoms that you may have to deal with is the occasional feeling of dampness and discharge from your back passage

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Haemorrhoids are amongst the most uncomfortable subjects to talk about, but add to that the subject of whether they smell or not, and even the most resilient of sufferers will be feeling a bit awkward.

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