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How to manage Hemorrhoid pain.

From time to time hemorrhoid sufferers will experience a flare up that can be quite painful. This can be down to a number of factors such as constipation, your piles becoming prolapsed, even using a coarse toilet paper when wiping your bottom can cause small abrasions that will become painful.

There are a number of simple things you can do to get some relief when your piles are at their most painful.

Topical creams and ointments for piles can help painful hemorrhoids

Topical creams work by numbing the area of your hemorrhoid sufficiently enough so that you are less likely to want to scratch your bottom, which can irritate painful hemorrhoids.

This numbing is achieved by the active ingredient hydrocortisone in the creams.

Available at your pharmacy, these are applied 2-3 times a day, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after you have been for a bowel movement (poo). The percentage of hydrocortisone in over the counter products is quite small but, since it is a steroid, you should not use these products for longer than recommended, as they can make the skin around the anus sensitive and the skin thinner.

The hydrocortisone products are available under various brand names, including Anusol, Preparation H, Anugesic HC, Germaloids HC, Perinal, Proctosedyl, Uniroid, Xyloproct and Proctofoam HC.

There are also prescription only versions of these available.

Ice packs for painful hemorrhoids

The cooling sensation that you get from ice packs has been known to bring some much needed relief to painful hemorrhoids. There are in fact ice gel products available that are specifically designed for cooling the area. These products are kept in a freezer and when needed, you simply place them inside your underwear, held between your buttocks.

Hemmorwedge is one of the market leaders in this type of ice gel hemorrhoid product.

Sitz bath for hemorrhoid pain

If you’ve never heard of a Sitz bath, it’s a hip bath that you can immerse your bottom into, that enables you to soak only the area of your painful hemorrhoids. It’s probably best described as a shallow toilet.

The main benefit of a Sitz bath is that the warm water with added Epsom salts can reduce the inflammation and discomfort of your piles. It will also keep the area clean which prevents any further complications.

For the best results, it’s best to take a Sitz bath three times a day, fifteen minutes for each bath. You should use warm water as opposed to hot. Afterwards it’s important to gently dry the area by patting rather than rubbing, and to keep the area as dry as possible (other than to apply any topical creams, if appropriate).

Hemorrhoid treatment using pain killers

Using painkillers such a paracetamol or Anadin offer pain relief for hemorrhoids for those short periods of time when your hemorrhoids are inflamed.

If you are experiencing bleeding from your piles then you should avoid anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, as these can make the bleeding worse.

Is there a cure for hemorrhoids?

If you have reached the point that you want to find a permanent solution for the hemorrhoids that you are suffering with, there is NO cure that will prevent you from ever getting haemorrhoids again, but there are treatments that can eradicate the hemorrhoids that you have.

The main treatment options can be found here hemorrhoid treatments

eXroid Electrotherapy Treatment is a non-invasive non-surgical treatment that can eradicate your internal piles and for most people, enable you to get back to your life on the same day.

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