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All first appointments are charged at £995, covering initial consultation and treatment. Should treatment NOT be required a refund of £745 will be issued following your appointment.
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A fast, gentle and effective treatment for piles


The procedure is simple and usually painless / causes minimal or no discomfort.

eXroid provides a fast and effective electrotherapy treatment for internal piles. Recently introduced in the UK, the latest reported figures show that electrotherapy has a track record of over 155,000 treatments worldwide and over 2,500 in the UK. A gentle current is applied to the base of the haemorrhoid, causing it to shrink as the treatment is ongoing. There is no need for any needles or sharp instruments. Some of our patients reported feeling instant relief from the moment they stood up. After electrotherapy, the pile can continue to shrink for a week or more. There is no need for sedation or anaesthetic, and the majority of eXroid’s patients found there was minimal or no recovery time. Based on the patients who’ve shared their experience following our treatment, most reported a return to normal activities immediately and 90% reported a return to normal activities on the same day.

  • Fast and effective treatment

  • Electrotherapy is an effective treatment for piles

  • Electrotherapy has been positively evaluated by NICE

  • eXroid has a good safety record

  • eXroid causes minimal discomfort

  • All examinations are performed by a doctor

  • Usually minimal recovery time

  • eXroid respects your privacy

Think you have haemorrhoids? We can help.

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From your first enquiry, we aim to get your initial consultation booked with one of our eXroid doctors within two weeks. Unless there are health circumstances that mean it is inappropriate to carry out the eXroid procedure, most patients have the treatment on the same day as the initial consultation.

The eXroid treatment takes thirty minutes or less and up to 3 haemorrhoids can be treated in a session. There’s no need for any anaesthetic, and you can usually resume your normal activities right after treatment.

There is no bowel prep or enema required beforehand which makes the procedure very easy to work into your schedule.

Haemorrhoids shrink during treatment and can continue to shrink for a week or longer following treatment, and your symptoms will normally diminish. In many cases, you will feel relief immediately following the procedure.

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eXroid is one of the gentlest treatments available for piles. When compared in clinical trials, pain and discomfort have been consistently shown to be low for electrotherapy treatments, especially when compared to surgery.

eXroid electrotherapy is NOT a heat treatment. A gentle current is applied to the base of the haemorrhoid, causing it to shrink as the treatment progresses. If the current is uncomfortable, the eXroid specialist can reduce it to an acceptable level. There is no need for any needles or sharp instruments. Many of our patients who’ve shared their experience said they felt instant relief from the moment they stood up.

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Electrotherapy is an effective treatment for piles. Half of our patients were cleared of their haemorrhoid after one treatment session, and over 80% after two. Larger piles may require more than two treatments. The number of treatments you need largely depends on how many piles you have and how big they are.

eXroid specialists utilise a single-use probe to gently apply a low direct current (up to 16mA) to the haemorrhoid. The probe is placed in direct contact with the base of the haemorrhoid, targeting the blood vessels which feed the haemorrhoid. No penetration of any kind is required. This causes a chemical reaction which effectively cauterizes the feeding blood vessel to the haemorrhoid which causes it to shrink. This is not a heat treatment.

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Don’t suffer in silence. Get your life back. One of the advantages of the eXroid electrotherapy treatment is that you can undergo the procedure with minimal disruption to your normal routine.

Most people find it embarrassing to talk about piles. Many will not even mention it to their own partner. The eXroid service is specifically set up to protect your privacy.

We will also provide you with access to your medical records on request.

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With eXroid you’re in safe hands. Although no treatment for haemorrhoids is 100% safe or 100% effective for all patients, electrotherapy for the treatment of piles has been positively reviewed by NICE.

All consultations include an examination by an electrotherapy treatment specialist, who is a UK GMC-registered doctor. If you are concerned about bleeding and the risk of cancer, an eXroid appointment can be the first step in providing the reassurance you need about the commonest cause for rectal bleeding – piles. There is no obligation to have your piles treated with eXroid after this examination and the eXroid specialist will notify your GP if further tests to investigate any bleeding are advisable.

All our equipment and single-use treatment kits carry the CE mark.

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What the experts say about eXroid electrotherapy treatment

Mr Paul Mackey Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

“I have now had the opportunity to treat over 100 patients suffering with haemorrhoids with the eXroid electrotherapy treatment. Admittedly I was somewhat sceptical as to what could realistically be achieved by such a relatively straightforward and practically painless treatment, but the feedback from patients has been absolutely amazing. We are not far from eXroid becoming universally the first-line treatment for haemorrhoids, and banishing such ineffective treatments such as banding to history”

Patient Stories

Not sure you have Haemorrhoids? A discreet call and we can help.

Haemorrhoids can be difficult to diagnose; even GPs can miss the signs.

Our staff are very knowledgeable and can arrange for you to see a consultant almost immediately should it be necessary.

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